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04-04-08   david wenngren (library tapes)

library tapes was formed 2004 in gävle, sweden by david wenngren. after recording two albums together with per jardsell he
continued his work with "höstluft" - a soloalbum which is pretty much just piano and field recordings. as he wanted to develope
his music a bit he formed new collaborations and so we can hear danny norbury playing cello and saw on the "sketches" ep.
for his new ep "fragment" on the swedish label kning disk he's been working together with peter broderick and sylvain chauveau
and also the upcoming library tapes album "a summer beneath the trees" is a collaboration with peter broderick and danny
norbury. listen to more about his work in the interview which we recorded on the 10th of march 2008.

interview (mp3, 34.1 mb)
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