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05-06-09   nils frahm

nils frahm is a producer and composer who is living in berlin. during the younger years of his life he was taught piano by nahum
brodski, and later he also began to explore different fields of music like electronic orientated soundworlds which informed his first
solo record "streichelfisch" in 2005. in the last few years nils continued more and more with his passion for improvising on the piano
and recorded the albums "tonalogia" and "wintermusik". in 2008 he met peter broderick who produced his new solo piano record
"the bells" for the swedish kning disk label. it was recorded in two nights in november 2008 at the grunewaldkirche in berlin.
listen to more about this record and nils's other projects and influences in the interview we recorded on the 23rd of april 2009 - just
a few days before he left for his first tour through europe with peter broderick.

interview (mp3, 51.1 mb)
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