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playlist 01-02-08

artist titel album label
dawn mccarthy & bonny billy strange form of life wai notes sea note
cat power don't explain jukebox matador
castanets strong animal in the vines asthmatic kitty
giardini di miro a guide to rebellion dividing opinions 2nd rec
michael knight coronation street i'm not entirely clear how i ended up like this yesboyicecream
thao with the get down stay down feet asleep we brave bee stings and all kill rock stars
vampire weekend cape cod kwassa kwassa s/t xl recordings
radiohead house of cards in rainbows xl recordings
the innits always near everything is true sunday service
tara jane oneil the poisoned mine wings. strings. meridians. yeti
theRiverendings r.c. blues -- --
piroth waltz for prima ballerina prima ballerina oma gusti
nancy elizabeth coriander battle and victory leaf

woelv drapeau blanc tout seul dans la forêt en plein jour, avez-vous peur? k records
lappalie alphaville new forest --
efterklang mirador parades leaf
raz ohara and the odd orchestra counting days s/t get physical
taunus harriet harriet ahornfelder
erik enocksson harsh and stubborn that river bends 7" kning disk
machinefabriek reglyph bijeen kning disk
library tapes fields sketches make mine music
sylvain chauveau andréa's hands ll nuage type
glissando floods va: brew records vol. 1 brew records
peter broderick ceasefire docile 10" kning disk
swod belgien sekunden cco