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playlist 01-08-08

artist titel album label
erik enocksson the dark with its dark tail curled 'round the garage kning disk
portishead hunter third mercury
benjamin wetherill ada laura red deer club
old splendifolia arone roseneck ...swaying boldly afar... plop
smile down upon us kotoba no yukue s/t static caravan
wildbirds & peacedrums pony heartcore leaf
voice of the seven woods solitary breathing the journey kning disk
grouper heavy water / i'd rather be sleeping dragging a dead deer up a hill type
deaf center vintage well vintage well 7" type
jasper tx black sleep part V black sleep miasmah

james blackshaw past has not passed litany of echoes tompkins square
tape mystery muting luminarium häpna

nils frahm live at nbi (recorded on the 9th of march 2008)
goldmund in a notebook the malady of elegance type
greg haines submergence slumber tides miasmah