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playlist 02-01-09 - best of 2008

artist titel album label
old splendifolia kullern ...swaying boldly afar... plop
micah blue smaldone a derelict the red river immune
benjamin wetherill for all the headlines laura red deer club
james blackshaw echo and abyss litany of echoes tompkins square
the paper hats the sleeping prophet deseret canyon apparent extent
mountains nest mountains mountains mountains catsup plate
tape reperto luminarium häpna
jacaszek zal treny miasmah
denzel + huhn wen hais reise der tote chinese - soundtrack --
felicia atkinson with sylvain chauveau aberdeen roman anglais o rosa

johanna billing tiny movements this is how we walk on the moon apparent extent
greg haines & wouter van veldhoven on waiting three days of fever eat this media
goldmund threnody the malady of elegance type
nils frahm ambre wintermusik atelier musik
peter broderick a beginning float type
erik enocksson skinnskatteberg with its dark tail curled 'round the garage kning disk
jasmina maschina asleep - minit variation the demolition series staubgold
grouper invisible dragging a dead deer up a hill type
jasper tx black sleep part lll black sleep miasmah
portishead the rip third mercury