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playlist 03-10-08

artist titel album label
fulton lights sideways glances and coded speech the way we ride catbird records
horse feathers curs in the weeds house with no home kill rock stars
peter broderick not at home home bella union
benjamin wetherill folds in the curtain laura red deer club
ass it's really a good reason my get up and go just got up and left headspin
the paper hats parliament of birds deseret canyon apparent extent
johanna billing this is how we walk on the moon this is how we walk on the moon apparent extent
old splendifolia eski and the escape ...swaying boldly afar... plop
kiki bohemia come on all the beautiful matrosenblau
library tapes the rivers turned to cobblestone a summer beneath the trees make mine music

goldmund quendake the malady of elegance type
greg haines & wouter van veldhoven on drowning three days of fever eat this media

liondialer (greg haines & danny saul) live at die remise (recorded on the 21st of september 2008)
the alps hallucinations lll type
volcano! africa just wants to have fun paperwork leaf
gasoline the day when everything started to make sense the new discipline sopot records