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playlist 04-01-08

artist titel album label
denzel + huhn kleiner bruder paraport cco
thomas belhom mont st. michel cheval oblique apparent extent
thomas belhom pianomeka cheval oblique apparent extent
kammerflimmer kollektief palimpsest jinx staubgold
a hawk and a hacksaw oriental hora the hun hangár ensemble ep leaf
swod exit sekunden cco
rafael anton irisarri waking expectations daydreaming miasmah
jasmina maschina holy holy holy word the demolition series armed orphan
panda bear bros person pitch paw tracks
múm they made frogs smoke 'til they exploded go go smear the poison ivy fat cat

seabear seashell the ghost that carried us away morr music
bassekou kouyate segu tonjon segu blue open house
las malas amistades cuaderno patio bonito honest jons
tied + tickled trio other voices other rooms aelita morr music
library tapes repor höstluft make mine music
l. pierre ache dip melodic
nancy elizabeth battle and victory battle and victory leaf
vashti bunyan i´d like to walk around in your mind some things just stick in your mind fat cat
simone white roses are not red i am the man honest jons
milenasong figs tree seven sisters monika
the good, the bad and the queen herculean the good, the bad and the queen honest jons