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playlist 04-07-08

artist titel album label
wildbirds & peacedrums i can't tell in his eyes heartcore leaf
snöleoparden water puppet theatre s/t rump recordings
grouper fishing bird (empty gutted in the evening breeze) dragging a dead deer up a hill type
rudi arapahoe forest of arches echoes from one to another symbolic interaction
glissando with a kiss and a tear with our arms wide open we march towards the burning sea gizeh
mico nonet rüya the marmalade balloon mico nonet
jasper tx black sleep part l black sleep miasmah
james blackshaw infinite circle litany of echoes tompkins square
balmorhea greyish tapering ash rivers arms western vinyl
voice of the seven woods the journey the journey kning disk

the battle of land and sea saltwater queen s/t mis ojos discos

noël live at intersoup (recorded on the 18th of june 2008)
silje nes down snaked a ladder yellow ep fatcat
golden diskó ship a cat's year lonesome cowboy / christmas tree ep --