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playlist 05-12-08

artist titel album label
old splendifolia wanda flaumer ...swaying boldly afar... plop
rick tomlinson wheel of colour night time recordings from göteborg kning disk

interview with william tyler (the paper hats) includes parts of the following tracks:
the paper hats man of oran deseret canyon apparent extent
the paper hats crystal palace, sea of glass deseret canyon apparent extent
the paper hats waltz of the circassian beauties deseret canyon apparent extent
the paper hats parliament of birds deseret canyon apparent extent
the paper hats the sleeping prophet deseret canyon apparent extent
collie ryan we're gettin' by the giving tree --
the paper hats the green cigar kept smiling deseret canyon apparent extent
jeff eubank earthian children a street called straight yoga records

micah blue smaldone the clearing the red river immune
fernando vilches & ramon montoya flor de petenera va: sprigs of time - 78s from the emi archive honest jons
juana molina lo dejamos un dia domino

koen holtkamp sky flowers field rituals type
greg haines & wouter van veldhoven on buildings three days of fever eat this media
arve henriksen recording angel cartography ecm
johann johannsson the rocket builder (io pan!) fordlândia 4ad
library tapes the fragile tide a summer beneath the trees make mine music
peter broderick roscoe roscoe / games again 7" bella union
helios glimpse caesura type
denzel + huhn scherwinde der tote chinese - soundtrack --