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playlist 07-12-07

artist titel album label
jim white turquoise house transnormal skiperoo luaka bop
sandro perri the drums tiny mirrors constellation
the cinematic orchestra to build a home - grey reverend version to build a home 7" ninja tune
richard james memories migrating bird honest jons
vashti bunyan train song some things just stick in your mind fat cat
grizzly bear shift - alternate version friend ep warp
nancy elizabeth the remote past battle and victory leaf
alejandro franov nyamaropa khali staubgold
rf + lili de la mora kings eleven continents rowing at sea
peter broderick release retreat / release 7" type
library tapes the park sketches make mine music
xeltrei frugal litotes symbolic interaction
swod ja sekunden cco
odd nosdam up in flames level live wires anticon

lappalie blue new forrest --

milenasong with mark axiak + jim faulkner live in glasgow at 13th note (recorded on the 18th of november 2007)
efterklang horseback tenors parades leaf
múm dancing behind my eyelids go go smear the poison ivy fat cat
moondog frog bog snaketime series moondog records